Our cattle are of a quite large framed type with a lot of growth. Semen bulls that has been used is for example Mr Wix, Andy, Ulex, Safir, Brahe, Humlegården Valdemar, Gest, Ankonian Elixir 100, Hi Diamond Greenstone and Thomas Grade Up.  Since 1998 we have practiced embryotransfer and we have used embryos after Rainmaker, Leachman Right Time, TC Stockman 365, New Design 036, Rockn D Ambush, O S U 6807 Traveler 4145 and Vermillion Dateline 7078 VRD. 1999 we bought an ET-bull out of PAPA Equator 2928 that has made a tremendous success, his sons have had the highest daily gains at the Swedish performance test station for three years in a row. At the agricultural show Mila, 2003 in Malmö, a heifer out of our Equator-bull became Champion, 734 Bambina.

The bulls used in 2009 were one ET-bulls after Vermillion Dateline 7078 VRD and one AI-bull Lans av Ryderna that we bought from Viking Genetics after they finished collecting semen from him. His sire is Jason av Ryderna, paternal grandsire is TC Freedom 104 and maternal grandsire is GT Sentry.

We focuse on cattle that do well under harsh conditions since we graze poor wet land and we winter the cows on straw and distillers waste. We try to run our herd in the same way as our main customers, the commercial herds. If problems arise i.e. need for foot trimming we cull.

Cattle from our farm has been exported to Denmark, Norway, Italy, Estonia and Lithuania. Swedish cattle in general has a very high health standard and when you buy cattle from us you minimize your risk for also buying i.e. Johnes disease, BVD, IBR or salmonella.

Jens Fjelkner, Åhusvägen 115, S-291 76  RINKABY, Sweden

cellphone: +46708-777 435

e-mail: jens@sjovangen.com